Our materials come from agricultural fibers and fish by-products - all the materials are completely natural.

Energy Efficient

IXIM Bioproducts use less energy throughout their lifecycle and help conserve energy through insulation

Waste Reduction

IXIM Bioproducts help reduce waste and mined aggregates in the construction industry.


IXIM is a company that develops sustainable masonry blocks and insulation materials made from crop fibers, fish waste and cement kiln dust (CKD) in order to produce wall systems and furniture pieces.
These blocks, mainly use two types of raw materials (crop fibers, and a natural binder extracted from the aquaculture waste).
The core value of the project is to leverage these types of agro-industrial residues to generate new channels of revenues for fisheries and farm workers by developing cheap and environmentally friendly materials to reduce and replace the use of mined aggregates commonly used to manufacture wall systems. The material (product) reduces the incineration of agricultural waste left in the crop land fields. It can also sequester carbon dioxide in the composition, and it goes through a composting process after the end of its useful life; representing additional cost savings.
These types of bricks have been developed to be useful in the Low Carbon Building (LCB) sector.


IXIM was born with the intention to create sustainable materials for the construction industry without losing quality characteristics as mechanical and aesthetic values in the finished product. 
After research, IXIM found that companies in the construction industry, particularly the ones that develop wall partition systems are responsible for consume high amounts of energy and produce large amounts of CO2 emissions in their production processes. Moreover, activities related to mine aggregates extraction and dispose of materials generate additional cost that companies have to face.  Therefore, the idea was to create an alternative based on solve the aforementioned problems with a sustainable product easily to develop by utilizing completely natural materials. 
In this way IXIM identified two potential sources of raw materials which are crops fibers to be used as a lightweight aggregate in compounds, and a natural binder derived from fish byproduct as the natural adhesive compound. As an alternative solution for reducing associated cost in operational problems areas as non energy efficient production processes involved activities as transport, raw materials treatment, virgin materials extraction or materials waste disposed. 
Unit the date we have made progress in different areas of the project as, developed and finished the prototype stage, completed initial mechanical testing and thermal and insulation tests; agreed on 2 pilot projects with Canadian construction companies; ensure arrangements for supply of raw materials (Fiber crops and Fish byproducts); conducted initial Life Cycle Assessment to determine environmental impact evaluation of IXIM products; established the production process, created cost analysis of finished products, and identified potential partners within the green building industry.

Our Team
Daniel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel is an industrial designer with expertise in product development.

Noor Shaikh
Chief Technology Officer

Noor is a sustainability consultant with expertise in sustainable materials and the circular economy.


Develop bio-composite materials as a sustainable alternative for the construction industry with a range of possible purposes targeting interior partitions, veneers, masonry systems, and mosaic designs


Reduce environmental impacts associated with conventional building materials utilized for creating interior partitions with innovative materials based on low carbon production and inclusive industrialization practices.


"Design for versatility". The materials are made from blended mixtures of agricultural crop residues and high-quality  sawdust available in different regions around the world to provide a variety of attractive colors, textures and weights.


The production process includes standard equipment to promote the use of local raw materials. Equipment such as light weight presses, industrial mixers, molds and fans are used to create partnerships with producers around Canada and world interested in the development and distribution of innovative biobased building materials.

Natural Lifestyle

Our materials open up to an aesthetic of elegance for interior purposes through the reduction of plastic and mineral aggregates in bio-based material compositions. IXIM Bioproducts also seek to be environmentally friendly because they reduce the incineration of biomass, sequestrate carbon dioxide and promote the use of local materials

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