Use Waste To Create Change

IXIM offers the following lines of products and systems


IXIM is a company that develops sustainable materials made from crop fibers, fish by-products and cement kiln dust (CKD). IXIM's core value is to leverage different types of agro-industrial residues and by-products to develop cheap and environmentally friendly materials. Our intention is to reduce and replace the use of mined aggregates, wood or derived petro-chemical products commonly used in the construction and furniture industries. IXIM compounds also sequester carbon dioxide in their composition and thus are useful in advancing low carbon building materials. Furthermore, IXIM  explores different types of by-products to encourage the use of local materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Awards and News

CEC Youth Innovation Challenge - 2019

Imagine that your bricks, interior walls of any space and furniture are made from corn stem, rice husk or beans pod.

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