Bio-based Building Materials
  • Natural
  • Energy Efficient
  • Waste Utilization


The Mayan culture used the term "IXIM" to designate anything related to cereals. Using this name, the company is referring to compose interior partitions, blocks and walls made from natural fibers.

These new materials draw their resources from high quality wood and other agricultural by-products, mixed with natural binder extracted from fish to develop a new generation of interior building materials.


IXIM Bioproducts is innovating to develop a new trend in the low-carbon industry to provide elegant aesthetics through the exploration and development of biobased building materials.

Contact us if you are an individual interested in green building materials, manufacturing company, architect or designer. We guarantee that the IXIM products can be compatible with conventional technologies used in the market and will be the perfect complement to resemble natural indoor spaces in your home.

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We can supply our lines of different products for your preferred selection. Our mixtures can be tamped in removable forms to create partition walls or used to create bricks, panels and veneers. Using different fibers, different colors and textures can be achieved, creating many aesthetic possibilities


Our research and product development has resulted in different types of blended mixtures and product designs. Let us assist you to show you the perfect ways of installation and the simple techniques required to enjoy natural building materials in your living or work space!


One of the most important attributes of IXIM Bioproducts is the versatility of its procurement and production process. We believe that a sustainable future depends on successful partnerships. If you are interested in 100% green building materials, we would love to hear from you!

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