About Us

IXIM is a company that develops sustainable materials made from crop fibers, fish waste and Cement Kiln Dust (CKD). IXIM's core value is to leverage different types of agro-industrial residues and byproducts to generate new channels of revenues by developing cheap and environmentally friendly materials with the intention to reduce and replace the use of mined aggregates, wood or derived petrochemical products commonly used in the construction or furniture industries. IXIM compounds also sequester carbon dioxide in their composition and thus, are useful to provide Low Carbon materials. Furthermore, IXIM explores different types of byproducts to encourage the use of local materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.


    To develop bio-composite materials as a sustainable alternative for the construction and furniture industries with a range of possible purposes targeting insulation, roofing, veneers interior designs, masonry coating systems and furniture.


    To reduce adverse environmental impacts associated with the development of building materials based on circular economic models for developing alternative sustainable construction materials, low carbon construction practices and waste management practices.