About Us

IXIM develops sustainable construction materials using by-products from multiple industries

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IXIM offers the following lines of finished products and systems.

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Masonry Systems

Semi-structural wall systems constructed using cement and IXIM bricks and panels.

Insulation Systems

IXIM panels used for insulative purposes both with and without cement.

Aesthetic and Decorations

Completely natural IXIM bricks and panels used for interior decorative purposes.


Coming soon. (Using IXIM materials to develop cheap and sustainable furniture)

Our Portfolio

Different types of bricks and panels that have been developed so far


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Natural resources are being used at an alarmingly high rate, with little thought given to extraction and production processes, plus management of waste associated with products. Therefore, we believe in using circular economy practices and using energy efficient production methods to develop sustainable construction materials. Contact us to learn more about our products!

Our Team

Daniel Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer

Noor Shaikh

Chief Technology Officer

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400 Albert St, Waterloo ON

Phone Number

+1 519-584-5756